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Explore Navan’s wildlife with a new free self-guided tour.

Visitors and locals alike can now uncover natural heritage in Navan with a new self-guided tour. Created by Wild About Navan in association with the Navan Cycling Initiative, the tour is to encourage everyone to engage in a new way of seeing our local surroundings. 


The 13-stop tour was designed to help explore the abundant nature surrounding Navan town. Among the points of interest featured are: St. Anne’s Primary School with newly installed Swift boxes; Athlumney castle and the old Infirmary with their arrays of wildflowers poking out from between the stonework; and Poolboy Bridge where the Boyne and Blackwater rivers meet. The tour also has interactive elements:  learn how to recognise bird calls by listening to the various samples, and estimate current wind speeds using the Beaufort scale, invented by Navanite Francis Beaufort in 1806! 


Easy to use, the tour allows you to listen to the sounds of some of our town’s wildlife and rivers, and highlights our many bridges and historical buildings. The 13 stops from a semi-linear tour of ~12km around Navan town. You can visit a few of the sites closest to you, or decide to visit them all on your bike in one evening! This tour can be used anytime by anyone with a smartphone and mobile data (or free WIFI in Navan town). 

The "Navan’s Living Heritage Tour" can be accessed here by scanning the QR code (below) with your phone.

NavanTour_Map_QRcode copy.png
'This tour will encourage us all to seek out natural spaces in Navan;  to use our parks and riverside walks as places to unwind and re-energize while celebrating and protecting our woodlands, hedgerows, rivers, and the wildlife that lives alongside us'.
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