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Wild About Navan is an urban nature conservation project to protect, explore, improve, share and learn from the diverse environment and natural habitats that surround us here in Navan. We are an energetic group of very committed Navan residents eager to connect and collaborate to get work done. Our team is made up of activists, biologists, educators and geographers. We are always looking to expand our ambassador and volunteer programmes and invite you to join us. 


In late 2019 we commissioned Ecologist, Simon Barron, to develop a Community Biodiversity Action Plan (CBAP) for Navan town which now informs our work. The actions outlined in the CBAP 2021-2025 involve encouraging participation in a range of Citizen Science initiatives, the development of local Pollinator Plans, actions for Swifts, creation of a dispersed urban orchard and most importantly, updating the way we view areas of long grass, Dandelions and Brambles. 

We are Meath PPN members since January 2020. 


We work to protect the natural environment, in Navan, Co. Meath through the provision of research, programming, and community collaboration by:

Working to promote and advance local sustainable development and our local urban biodiversity;

Assisting individuals, local groups, and the wider public in understanding local environmental and biodiversity issues; 

Researching and collaborating with scientists to seek pragmatic and evidence-based solutions to local threats and to respond accordingly;

Advocating and lobbying for improved planning policies to protect and conserve our wildlife heritage;

Promoting and organising workshops, discussions, seminars, and other events to raise public awareness, to educate and to celebrate our local biodiversity; 

Engaging community in citizen science projects to foster a community of shared responsibility towards preserving and enhancing our local nature;

Connecting with our community by using social media, website and local media;

Liaising and networking with statutory and voluntary groups in our town and beyond to  enable conversations and seek opportunities for collaboration;

Connecting with local businesses, local authorities, and schools to enhance our collective efforts; 

Applying for local, national, and EU grants that would enhance the attainment of the objectives;

Monitoring, evaluating and reviewing our work annually to ensure that progress is being made.

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