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Outdoor Living Heritage Museum

Our Outdoor Living Heritage Museum combines some of the actions from the Navan Community Biodiversity Action Plan (CBAP) into an online campaign celebrating Navan’s geological, built, natural and living heritage.


Connecting with nature and with our community is fundamental to our well being. We  delve into our town's natural heritage and explore how it sets the scene for our built heritage, celebrating how important both dimensions are for our living heritage.


Navan’s location, buildings, and traditions have for centuries provided habitat, food, and shelter for us and our living heritage: Swifts, trees, and other wildlife. It's always a good time to reconnect the dots and celebrate how heritage, biodiversity, and community are all intertwined.

Explore our Outdoor Living Heritage Museum below! 

With thanks to Meath County Council Community Heritage Grant for their support.


Our Outdoor Living Heritage Museum:
Celebrating Navan's geological, natural and living heritage. 

Join Dr. Robbie Meehan, Geologist, in our 3-part series, to learn how our geological and natural landscape has changed in Navan across the ages, what the glaciers left behind and how our geological heritage still observable to us today.

Our Outdoor Living Heritage Museum:
Living Heritage makes use of our built heritage.

Not much of our medieval walls remain today, but thanks to Navan's industrial heritage, there are still plenty of walls and bridges around. Learn more about how our living heritage makes use of that built heritage with Dr. Annina Niskanen.

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